What’s the difference between a Natural Psychic and a Trained Psychic?

One question that seems to be popping up a lot these days is, “What’s the difference between a Natural Psychic and a Trained Psychic?”  It’s a great question, and kudos to the discerning seekers looking for answers.

I believe everyone is psychic. Anyone with a genuine interest can develop their latent psychic abilities. So it’s more about the focused effort that you put into growing what you already have within you.  But for the sake classification and terminology, let’s look at the actual breakdown.

Natural Psychics 

Natural Psychics are people who have psychics “hits” all their lives. Not just once or twice in their life, but regular, otherwise unexplainable psychic events.  They may have the ability of Knowing (having instant information about a person or situation that wasn’t shared) or the ability to predict the future.

Visualize a young superhero who has just discovered his/her ability to throw fire from their hands. It’s thrilling and powerful, but they burn down a lot of things until they learn how to control it.

Natural psychics can find themselves in a similar situation. Their abilities are all willy-nilly in the beginning. They can’t shut them down or amp them up – it’s all random.  This can be a HUGE burden and be so overwhelming to some psychics that they turn to unhealthy behaviors like drugs and alcohol to shut them down and numb themselves.

Some natural psychics are able to gain control of their abilities over time and help others.  But because they weren’t given specific steps to develop their powers, they have a difficult time teaching others. I’ve also found in my experience, that most natural psychics do not have a direct relationship with their Spirit Guides.

Trained Psychic

Trained psychics invest time, energy, and resources into gaining knowledge about their psychic abilities.  They may take formal classes, or mentor under a professional psychic.  From my experience, trained psychics develop a direct relationship with their Spirit Guides through self-reflection and knowledge acquisition.  Because they’ve worked through psychic development themselves, they are generally able to help teach others. (Unabashed plug: I teach several classes that you can check out here.)

While there are always exceptions, it’s been my experience that trained psychics tend to be more judicious and responsible with their abilities than natural psychics. They learn a moral code, and are taught to not psychically force themselves on someone who wasn’t expecting it. For example, they would resist the nudge from a Guide to tell the woman in line at the store that her mother has cancer.  It may be true, but that stranger didn’t ask for that information in a reading, and it wouldn’t be right to drop that truth bomb on her at checkout in Kroger.  A natural psychic may have a difficult time keeping that information to themself because they wouldn’t necessarily know where they information was coming from.  They would just feel an overwhelming pressure to tell the woman that her mother was sick.  The result of that outburst could be devastating.

Trained psychics are deeply invested in cultivating their connection with their Guides, following their path to enlightenment, and helping others.




Hybrid Psychics are exactly that…natural psychics who have invested in themselves to develop their abilities.  These psychics may have some of the most powerfully developed intuition, skill sets, and abilities. No matter what you are born with, it is always possible to hone your craft and refine your skill. Developing your relationship with your Spirit Guide is pivotal, as it benefits both your personal and professional life.

Which one is for me?

Psychics will often clearly state what type they are as part of their branding. I find it interesting that some psychics brag about being 100% natural, as though that makes them special or chosen. Since when is educating yourself about ANYTHING a bad idea? Natural athletes still have to go to spring training, do insane drills, and spend hours in the gym. Other psychics will post certifications from completed lightworker courses on their websites and social media. I think these ladies and gents have the right idea.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to hire a psychic. Spend some time on their website and do a little research. Look for upfront costs and pricing.

  • Do they have client reviews and testimonials?
  • Do you like the energy their website gives off?
  • Do they offer any free resources? Blogs, audio, video, etc. This is how they could be paying it forward
  • How long have they been in the business, or does this matter to you?
  • Are they relatable?
  • Do they offer classes or training?
  • When you converse with them, how does their energy feel?  You might not match and that’s okay!

Where I fall

You’ve probably already guessed that training and education are high on my priority list.  I’m actually a Hybrid Psychic. I didn’t realize what I had be experiencing all my life were psychic events until I took my first class in 2001. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help seekers make sense of the unseen and metaphysical life, and I specialize in psychic mediumship.

But I’m not the psychic for everyone.  At the end of the day, you need to find a psychic who speaks to you and your needs as an individual.  Both a natural and a trained psychic can help you find information and get answers. Just do some research and find someone who resonates with you.

But remember what I said at the beginning: everyone is psychic. If you want to learn more, email us [email protected]

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