Glossary of Often Used Terms

You’ll see these words used in Kym’s books and on the website.  You may also her use them in her audio or video recordings.  Some of these terms have classic definitions. 
Other words are specific to Kym, her Spirit Guides, and her experiences.  If you come across a word or phrase that doesn’t make sense to you, make sure to contact us and we’ll be sure to explain it further.

Akashic Record

The energetic history of all life, which is essentially a universal super-computer, storing every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intention that has ever manifested in history with each individual soul. These records exist for every soul who has ever existed.

Astral Travel

The ability of non-physical body to move energetically to other locations.


A colorful multi-level energy field that surrounds the body of a living person, thing or place. This energy is generated by the thing it surrounds. This energy is imprinted with knowledge about the health, feelings, or blocks that a person, thing, or place has.

Automatic Handwriting

The thoughts of a distant person push the pencil energetically to reveal a specific  message for the receiver.

Belief Clusters

 Out of body souls are magnetically drawn together because of a shared belief system.


 In reference to a channeling through mediumship. Mediums can channel the dead.  They can pick up feelings, personality, words, and many times action inflections of the person’s style of speaking as well as their physicality.


 A human who has been assigned a mentor, who is a crossed over spirit. (This is in addition to a spirit guide.)


A chill or electrical charge that originates from the inside of a person to the outside, similar to the physical experience of goosebumps,  This physical manifestation is a validation that a message has been understood correctly or the statement made was true.  This can happen to professional psychic or to lay people alike.


A type of psychic ability.  The person hears sounds or voices or information that are inaudible to others.


A type of psychic ability.  The person perceiving beyond the regular five sense and has the ability to see into one’s past and future.

Complete Soul Journey

The entire journey of a specific soul ( in each incarnation) in all its phases both in and out of the body until it reaches its God self.


Souls whose job is to help souls to bond deeply in connection both on Earth.

Core Light

In reference to the core light that all living souls possess.  It is housed inside the solar plexus and heart area of the body. It can be used to protect one’s self or to power up another’s energy.  This brilliant white light core light can be manipulated.  For example, it can be used in physical healing and opening a doorway to cross souls over to the other side.

Crossed Spirit

A deceased person who has gone through the light and entered the other side of existence.

Dimensional Psychic

A psychic person that can hear the voices/thoughts of souls on other dimensions. (soul fragments, ghosts, past lives, crossed spirits, spirit guides, people in hell, etc.)


A tool that spirits and spirit guides use to impart information to a sleeping person. Dreams use assorted types of symbols and metaphors to convey information.


A person acutely sensitive to the emotions of others; and this ability can have adverse long term effect on the empaths health if not kept in check.



Enlightenment equals the collection of knowledge.  This knowledge once implemented into a person’s life/beliefs/behaviors allows them to advance through the transition into higher levels of awareness.

Exit Points

Planned moments in an outline where a person can opt to permanently leave their life.


 An energetic characteristic  that emulates from a person that is felt by other humans.


Deceased humans who have not crossed over through the light to the other side. They are on this ghost level to continue healing the issues they didn’t resolve before their death.

Ghost Whisperer

Another type of psychic ability has been dubbed ghost whisperers (after the TVshow of the same name) They are ont psychic (seeing the future) and cannot see crossed-over spirits.  Their ability lies in seeing earthbound ghosts and helping the to cross into the light.


Souls whose job is to help encourage stability and balance to those living.


A large or small pocket of space a spirit decides to create to contain themselves. It’s an illusionary world or situation to punish themselves after death.

Hell Work

Living souls who volunteer to join the Warrior team to rescue deceased spirits who have imprisoned themselves in their own personal hell.  The concept of warrior teams will be expanded in Book 2 of We Got It All Wrong.

Invisible Structure

An organized multifaceted format one follows for the evolution of their soul to lead them back to the Source..


A type of psychic ability. It can’t be taught, it just happens where information pops into your head about someone or something. There are no visions, or voices to tell you this information, it just pops in; you just seem to know.

Life Between Life Review

The close analysis of your recent life with your spirit guide and counselors as an aid in understanding deeply about the events of that life.  This information is used in planning your next journey.

Life Theme

A predetermined theme a soul chooses to experience in a variety of ways while the soul moves through their life on Earth. This theme is the filter the soul looks through when experiencing everything.


A light that is created to allow a dead soul to exit one level of existence into another level that involves different awareness.


A psychic with the additional ability to channel dead people. Mediums receive  communication through their senses; touch sight, hearing, taste, smell, and knowing.


People who are not aware of the spiritual side of their existence.  They believe existence is all about deal with the physical side of life: getting a job, getting married, picking up children from school, paying bills. THey are consumed with this illusion and not aware of all the unseen elements happening around them–blissfully unaware.


A ghost invades a living person’s aura looking for the familiarity of living in a body.  They can influence that human’s thoughts without the person even being aware of it. 

The other side

This is a generalized term to describe the post-earth location for spirits. Sometimes thought of as home or heaven, but is really just some place that is not earth.


A detailed plan of how a soul will return to the Earth level and advance through this multi-level , invisible structure to bring their soul back to their God-se;f as they gain experience and knowledge.


A ghost invades the physical body of another human to seek control and live in the body once more.  This ghost can control a living being through thoughts and actions.  This can happen without being aware of it.


A sheild for humans to repel unwanted energies invading their space. (saying prayers, burning safe, visualizations of wearing an iron suit, etc.)


Perceiving beyond the regular five senses. A person who can channel information from your spirit guides and other about your past and future.


Part of the hell rescue team: Those who help return a person to their former self before they created their hell.


Lingering emotional energy imprinted after an intense event.


Part of hell rescue team: The first to attend to the comforting needs of those newly rescued form their hell.

Soul Clusters

Is a work-related club whose members join together for a common job, such as Warriors, Soothers, Droughts. Etcs.

Soul Fragments

Spiritually-related humans fracture from the same soul.  These soul fragment members can feel and react to their other soul members’ situations, often completely unaware they are feeling another’s feelings.


Fragments of the first generation of the same soul.

Dimensional Healing

Giver of healing energy and receiver of the healing energy are located on different planes.


The supreme being, whatever you chose to call it. 

Spiral Dynamics

A theory of growth and human development.

Spirit Guides

 A specific, highly evolved, crossed spirit (Which experience as a human) is assigned to be a companion mate to another soul.  The spirit guide is in charge of that soul.  They journey together while the soul is both in and out of a human body.


A general terms to encapsulate all souls when not in a body, regardless of their level

Stratified Energy

Energy that has a way of organizing itself into layers such as cultural social levels. For example: the thought and and belief patterns of a country, state, city or group can be so strong that those patterns impregnate the culture of the individuals and societies–even the soil of an area.  We were surprised to learn that these patterns can survive death.

Twilight Links

All living people can leave their bodies when they sleep, In the bodiless form once asleep they can travel to visit other alive people and interact, like a “meet up” in sleep! Some sensitive people can recall these twilight visits and some can’t.


An image that pops into a psychic’s watch’s then describes to the client. But, the psychic is also interpreting information from that TV show.


Cleansing vision of waste removal by circular whirlpool.


 A generalized term for a team of souls (alive and dead) who have volunteered to help rescue troubled spirits who have created for themselves a personal hell illusion into which they cannot escape. 

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