Kym McBride’s FAQS

We get questions all the time; it’s our business after all! But these are a few of the questions from newbies that surface most often. 
Look to our blog and resources for other information, including a glossary of psychic-speak.  You can always contact us.

I am fascinated by ghosts, could I ever see or talk to one?

You very likely have a spirit/s around you that would love to chat. But you need to understand that interacting with ghosts isn’t simply recreational or a party trick. Ghosts are souls in a heightened emotional state because they are working on issues they didn’t address when they were alive. The ghost plane is a time of soul development, and as a result the ghosts are self-centered and caught in their own drama. They can be very volatile, crabby, or sarcastic. You need to learn to protect yourself so that when a ghost comes around, they can’t hijack you or influence you in ways you’re unaware. Find ways to protect yourself. We suggest you routinely say the Prayer of Protection from the Unity Church.

Aren’t you scared when dead people show up to talk to you?

When dead people first appeared to Kym, she was more exhilarated than scarred. It wasn’t anything like the movies–no hatchet to the head, no blood, nothing macabre. In all her ghost experiences, including those who’ve been murdered, none have been scary or gory–not one. So, the only time when Kym gets scared is when she thinks an actual person might be in the house.  The living scare her more!

Can you read yourself?

Yes, she can, but she doesn’t.  It’s difficult to look at yourself with a clear filter and have the emotional distance to interpret the message. But she does turn to Timingo, her Spirit Guide, for help. She just pulls up a chair and talks with him about whatever is concerning her.

I’d be afraid to meet you –will you know my private thoughts?

Kym’s own mother expressed the same concern when Kym first shared her psychic abilities. Her mother was worried that Kym would go poking around in all the dark corners of her mind and invade her privacy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Kym is very professional, and only uses her psychic talents for hire or to help someone in need.  She often jokes that she has a difficult time keeping her own thoughts straight, so she couldn’t possibly snoop on anyone else. Unless she is conducting a formal reading on you with the help of her Spirit Guides, and with you being involved, she can’t tap into your brain.

So, the simple answer is, no.  She can’t read your thoughts. She isn’t nosy. She won’t go rummaging around your medicine cabinet OR your head.  You can take that to the bank.

Does your family believe that you are psychic? Are they supportive?

The majority of Kym’s family doesn’t believe her to be psychic. The men in Kym’s family generally show more skepticism and resistance, going so far as to make jokes at Kym’s expense. It’s been Kym’s experience that those who protest the most are usually the ones in greater fear. 

The women tend to be more supportive and accepting, such as her younger sister. Kym’s mother was extremely psychic, but Kym wasn’t made aware until right before her mother’s death. The same situation happened with one of Kym’s aunts.  Unfortunately, the majority of Kym’s family who were supportive have passed on. 

The metaphysical life can be lonely sometimes, but it has so many rewards. Kym wouldn’t trade it for anything.

You teach that everyone is psychic, but I don’t feel psychic. How can I bring those abilities to the surface?

Notice the signs around you and start interpreting the messages that are being given to you. Keep a journal of them and see if your interpretations were correct.

Listen to your thoughts from a distant perspective. You are given psychic information all the time and you think they’re your thoughts, so you ignore most of them, and if you do notice them you dismiss them. You’re getting psychic hits all the time. Timingo once told Kym, “Think about the things you think about.”

Once you get good at paying attention to your thoughts… start listening to the voice behind them. Most of the time it’s from your spirit guide, but sometimes it’s from your mom or your dad, or friends and acquaintances who have passed over. All your life you thought it was your voice and your thoughts and it turns out most of it isn’t. Listen for the differences of the voice.

This is exactly where you need to start if you want to bring your psychic abilities to the surface.

What percentage of your classes are lecture vs. breakout exercises?

Kym loves lecturing and sharing information verbally, but she believes hands-on time is vitally important. Her goal is to spend as much time as possible in practical application. She also gives her students lots handouts so after they leave the class they can revisit the material as needed. 

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