Bill recently came to me wanting help for deep-seeded pain he’d been experiencing for a long time. Even though he’s in touch with his intuition, he wasn’t able to isolate the cause.

Bill was freshly broken up from an emotionally-charged relationship with a woman named Susan.  They dated over a period of three years. Bill was very much in love with Susan and wanted to marry her. He felt a very intense connection to both her and her kids, especially her daughter. But Bill’s and Susan’s relationship was unbalanced.

During the whole time the couple was together Susan was involved with another man. What’s worse was that she taunted Bill with the details of the affair.  Both men wanted to marry her and Susan strung them along. For some reason, even though this devastated Bill, he stayed in the relationship.  He even babysat the kids while Susan ran around on him!

Susan, just like Bill, is plugged into her psychic senses. At one point, she told Bill that he had abused her in a previous life. Even though he asked for information, Susan refused to give him details, and so Bill was left wondering what he had done.


Bill asked his friends to help him figure out if his emotional pain was connected to the previous life with Susan.  He wanted to know if her treatment of him in this life was related to their shared previous life. No one seemed to have any answers and he was getting desperate.


That was when Bill reached out to me. The appointment was scheduled and rescheduled over several weeks with something always preventing the reading from happening. We finally connected and decided that a past life regression was needed. He would go back and experience the sights, sounds, and emotions of an earlier life that would illuminate the events of this one.


As it turns out, Bill was a priest in that earlier life. Ironically, he had the same name: Father William. Father William had a younger priest in his charge, John, with whom he had a sexual relationship. I had the distinct feeling that the relationship started with a rape; I felt physical validation in my body, as though I was being held down. Bill however, did not have this sensation.


The relationship lasted several years. John did not want the sexual attention and never considered himself a homosexual. Yet he did not fight and remained involved with Father William. Both of the men sexually abused young children with Father William forcing John to abuse the kids.  William used this reprehensible action as a way to control John, forcing him to become a pedophile.


Father William was himself molested by his father and brother. Because of William’s unresolved issues, he inflicted the same crimes on John, using sex as a means of control, and keeping John from going to the authorities.


Bill initially thought that Susan was one of the children the men molested, but we discovered that she wasn’t…Susan was John.


Father William came through extremely sad, guilty, and remorseful about what he’d done.  When I asked Bill how the relationship ended, he said he felt like it’d ended in death.  He felt like Father William murdered John. We found out that John committed suicide. Even though he didn’t technically kill John, William felt responsible and so to him it was murder.

In the past life, John wanted to punish Father William, which he did through the relationship of Susan and Bill. But in the end, John ended up forgiving Father William.

But William couldn’t forgive himself.  Holding on to that pain was manifesting in Bill’s life and keeping him in a toxic relationship.  Father William was also keeping back some of John’s energy.  Father William found his voice and expressed how sorry he was.  We then asked him to forgive himself.  At that moment, a major shift in energy happened.

The next day Bill texted me reporting a huge physical, emotional, and spiritual breakthrough. He was very thankful for my help and even sent me a written testimonial (Look for in on the Services page). Bill’s Spirit Guide told him this process would continue to unfold over time as it was a core life issue. It has affected him over many lifetimes, and thus will take a while to be released. He promised to keep me updated with his progress.





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