Before we come to earth in our physical bodies, we design an outline for our lives with different scenarios. These events and themes are me-focused for our spiritual growth and soul evolution.  Our entire human existence is predestined from this Me-Perspective in mind.

It’s very easy to see the Me-Perspective displayed in young children, especially infants and toddlers.  We demand attention when we are hungry, need changed, are tired, or need soothing. We can only view the world from the Me-Perspective, and this is by design. 

But things start to change as we get older

Family, teachers, friends, neighbors, and classmates all influence how we behave. We are taught to be kind to our siblings, share our toys, and play with the new kid. We slip into people pleasing as early as elementary school to have friends, and it only gets worse as we age. The societal pressure to be someone for everyone else is suffocating.

Society has conditioned us to people-please

Parents get completely absorbed in their responsibilities and feel like they would be judged for taking some me-time. They take on too much, but are afraid to say ‘no’ because they don’t want to be a disappointment. 

We often don’t get the care we need for mental health or substance abuse care because we are afraid of the social stigma. It’s all because society has pulled us away from the Me-Perspective. 


I can almost hear you shouting. Why are we talking about this ME stuff? Aren’t we supposed to put others first?!  Are you telling me it’s wrong to take care of my family?  Isn’t it wrong to make every situation about myself?! I’m trying to be a better person! I’m afraid I’ll look weak if I ask for help. 

Consider this: maybe the Me-Perspective isn’t exclusively negative or self-centered. 

Return to the Me-Perspective

The Me-Perspective is a spiritual mindset that brings greater awareness on your journey to enlightenment. It’s not selfish to focus on you, but you have to look inward. You have to dig deeper and ask yourself some tough questions.  For example:

  • Why do you feel it’s wrong for you to take a break from your kids?
  • What’s causing your fear of disappointment?
  • Is it the stigma you are scared of, or rejection from your friends and family?

This tool is helpful with any emotional reaction you have, especially strong, seemingly out-of-place emotions.  If a coworker dies and you are very upset even though you didn’t know him or her, ask yourself why. 

It’s not wrong to make things ‘about you’ if you are examining yourself and then choosing appropriate changes in your life.

The Natural Progression

Most of our life, until around our 60s, we tow the line. We people-please and focus on others to the detriment of ourselves.  But close to retirement, folks start to not care as much. Opinions are set. People get crabby. We think this is age, but maybe it’s also spiritual growth. Perhaps we are naturally becoming more Me-centered as death approaches because our God Self knows this lifetime is wrapping up.  It’s something to think about.

Balancing Me and You

The Me-Perspective is not an excuse to treat others poorly or become entirely self-absorbed. As with most teachings, balance and moderation are required.  The Me-Perspective is an insightful tool we’ve been given. 


It’s your turn. Break with those societal norms and think about YOU!  


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