The goal of this exercise is to remove negative energy that’s blocked because of your past life traumas. It’s effective for all levels of energy, from minor hurts to major traumas. This is a modified version of an exercise created by Dr. Laurie Weiss. Find more about her at

Prepare for the exercise

  1. Sit or lay down in a quiet place.
  2. Breathe in from your nose and out through your mouth 2-3 times or until you feel centered. 

Bring your situation to mind

  1. Think of a situation that you had a negative emotional reaction to. (i.e., something that angers you, or gives you anxiety)
  2. When you’ve found the situation(s) you want to release, turn it into a statement to tell your body to release. (my issues with Steve)
  3. Rate your anxiety from 1-10 and speak the statement out loud. ( For example, “My issue with Steve.”)
  4. Make note of what you felt during and after you read each statement. (Wait about 15-30 seconds before you move on to the next statement)

Releasing Statements

Below are the four statements you’re to read out loud. You can even have someone else read them to you. It’s most effective however, to take the time to memorize the list. Then you can do this “letting go” exercise wherever you are. Note: Don’t overthink the statements.  They may not make sense or seem too similar.  Don’t worry about that. These statements were deliberately crafted, and each has meaning. 

  1. I retrieve all my energy bound up in (this–whatever your target is) and take it back to the right place in my Self.
  2. I remove all the non-me energy related to (this–whatever your target is) from all my cells, from my body and from my personal space and send it to where it truly belongs.
  3. I retrieve all my energy bound up in all my reactions to (this–whatever your target is) and take it back to the right place in my Self.
  4. I tune all my systems to this new awareness.


What to look for after the exercise:

  1. You could feel nothing.
  2. You may have pain one or more places in your body.
  3. You may have a memory surface.
  4. You may have a vision from a past life.

None of this really matters. We don’t want you to shift your focus to interpreting the past life memory or decoding why you had a memory pop up. You just want your body to release the blocked energy.

  • Now rate your anxiety again from 1-10 and speak the statement out loud. Did it go down?
  • If your anxiety is higher than a 1 or 2, repeat exercise. Go deeper or more specific with your next target statement.


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