I wanted to share with you a piece written by my mentor, Linda Schiller-Hanna. She wrote this a few years back, but it’s an evergreen writing. It’s a wonderful mantra.

I am Ready to Succeed Now

by Linda Schiller-Hanna

There is no longer a reason for my self sabotage. I am loveable and acceptable, just as I am. I am capable of creating and sustaining friendships, both with or without fame and fortune. I am capable of setting boundaries, both with and without fame and fortune. I am capable and secure and confident, no matter what the circumstances of my life. It is easy for me to succeed today. I no longer hold back or hide my talents. It’s time for me to shine my light, to spread my wings, to raise my voice for the good of all humankind. It is not time for my success beyond my wildest dreams or imaginings. I can handle success because I have been successful for a very long time and I have handled it well.

I am humble, without false modesty. I am capable, without back-stepping my light and power. I am willing to work hard and to be given chances and have doors open for me. I am worthy of attention, appreciation, wealth and fame, if it so finds me. I am secure with being in the limelight and I am comfortable, only serve to spur me on to greater heights and accomplishments. I use negative feedback to clarify my mission and to sharpen my skills. I find the constructive elements in each comment and use it to my best advantage. I am thick-skinned enough to step forward, knowing that others thoughts are not my enemy.

I realize that I actually attracted much more positive energy than any other kind and I see each human being as a potential ally and friend, willing to support and admire me and my efforts. I am a service-oriented person and realize that others see my contributions in a positive light and are always willing to appropriately acknowledge and compensate me fairly. I count on the Diving Light of God to be my major energy field, and understand that God’s light supersedes my personal light and that it heals and blesses all who encounter my energetic path.

I am supremely comfortable with being me, expressing me, doing what I have  come to do, and accepting all consequences for those actions. I am secure that god is protecting me each and every second of each and every day, so I step forward happily to met my good! It’s a good life now and I seek each opportunity to be my best self and to create my best efforts for the highest good of all concerned. I trust that I am on my path and that all that I do is blessed and prospered in Divine Order. I bless others and they bless me and it’s all in Divine Order and Diving Timing and I am Divinely Worthy of each charming and positive experience.

I have gratitude for this awareness and no longer hold back any good thing I can offer for fear that it will be misunderstood, criticized or treated without respect. Everything I do, say, express is honored, treasured and appreciated and I am comfortable with positive attention, no matter who it comes from, or in what form it takes. My life is totally successful in all aspects and my loved ones are grateful and joyous that this is so. They, too, are blessed with this success touches our home and lives. So be it!

We are all worthy of success! Your success does not diminish mine, or vise-versa.

© 2006, Linda Schiller-Hanna

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