Kym here. As a young girl, I have been well versed in self-help. An aunt turned me onto this type of deep work of understanding my issues due to having alcoholic parents. I can honestly say I was a pain-filled child who struggled with low self-esteem and “not enough” syndrome. Writing books that helped others to self-examine seemed like a natural progression for me. In my career as a psychic/medium, my self-help training came into play by helping my clients to get a bigger picture of their questions and answers from the other side. When it came time to write our first self-exploration book as We Got It All Wrong: Companion Workbook, those same skills were used in taking out readership from a top level, surface questions down to the deeper levels of their feelings and beliefs. I believe this is where true transformation can happen—at least if readers are brave enough to venture there.

Self-help is not for the weak hearted. It takes great gumption to pull up those many layers of beliefs, behaviors, and motivations. Then courage is needed to take action on what was uncovered. Nope, not for the faint-hearted. But oh,— the rewards are much sweeter!

Are you courageous enough to look at your own beliefs? Ask yourself the tough questions? Try Book 1 companion workbook on for size.

In the vein of We Got It All Wrong Book 1 Companion Workbook, where we took our readers down a path from easy questions to harder, dig down deep questions. We also wanted a more specific group to benefit from this type of self-exploration in our second self-help book, Grief Relief Workbook, Understanding Your Beliefs that Fuel Your Grief. We wanted the group of people who are stuck in grief (or a loop of grief behaviors) to think about the underlying beliefs that keep them in grief. It’s not a how-to book, it doesn’t tell you how to get through your grief, but it’s to help you understand the beliefs you are using that filter your grief and holds you back from healing.

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