Samuel and Beverly

Beverly: Hey, buddy. What do I say about you as my spirit guide for your website bio?

Samuel: Normally I don’t grant interviews for mass publication. However, I am agreeing to say a few words to my many fans out there who have worked to meet me through Book 1 in the WGIAW series. Couldn’t quite get that name and meet-up to click right, but we’ll sort that out soon. In the meantime, a little suspense is okay.

There are many of you who know me personally but don’t recognize me by what you read in the book. I tailor my remarks and comments to fit the individual needs of my charges. Yes, some of you are my charges and some of you are what Beverly calls “my clients”. In other words, my rescuees.

Pause in transmission… Please overlook it when Beverly falls into stage fright. Sometimes intelligent people are their worst enemy. They can’t take credit for anything even when it is due them.

Back to the epistle to my fans. I love you all. I work hard for all so I can take pride in my efforts to help you reach your individual goals and dreams. You keep me running all over the world and into outer space keeping up with you. Somedays I just wish you would prop your feet up and spend time remembering to thank those of us on the other side. A phone call home would be welcome! I’m listed and always on duty.

So long,

Samuel, Bev’s spirit guide

p.s. I like that you chose a picture of John Belushi to represent me. I’m a little thinner and younger, but he’s got my curly hair and sarcasm. John and I hang out sometimes. He’s great fun.

P.S. [Kym here. I chose a photo of John Belushi to give a visual representation of Samuel because as of yet, I’m the only one that has seen him. Yet I rarely actually ‘see him’, I usually just feel his energy when he is in attendance. He feels like a young 20 something college prankster. He is mischievous (similar to how John is looking) you always know Samuel is ‘up to something.’ And his youthful child-like behavior is displayed [in the photo] by the haphazard upturned collar as if he was in such a hurry to get where he was going rather than take time to properly put on his coat. With Timingo around he acts like a younger brother energy – a bit of an attention getter and loves just hanging out with ‘his big brother’.]

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