We Got It All Wrong: Book 1

What is life like after physical death?

Can it really be a simple heaven or hell? Our life on Earth is complex so perhaps heaven or hell are equally complex. Where does our soul journey before, during, and after our physical life? Is there really a life before this one? Beverly’s exploration of her own soul’s journey offers surprising possible answers.

When she discovered her dear friend had passed on, Beverly’s intense grief triggered a psychic awakening that opened her to unexpected interactions with ghosts, crossed spirits, spirit guides, and souls trapped in their own personal hells.

With the help of psychic medium Kym McBride, Beverly’s extraordinary journey through mental wards led to the revelation of answers to the unknown enigma of the journey of all souls. More specifically for Beverly, she uncovered answers to mysteries in her family history, including her mother’s suicide.

Both women are challenged throughout to explore their own beliefs, many which they were unaware they held. These same beliefs were covert motivators to how they viewed and interacted in the world. This book invites you to experience the journey as it unfolds and bear witness to how beliefs held by many are so wrong.

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