Speak Your Next Book

Have you tried every way possible to get your book written from speech to text? Did you spend HOURS transcribing your own words? Tried transcription programs that didn’t pan out? Paid to have companies in far-off lands to transcribe your audio recordings and paid by the word!? Well, I did it all! And I wasn’t happy with ANYTHING that I found in the market. But one day, I stumbled onto a new way of getting my own voice into the written word and it ROCKED MY WORLD! And all for FREE!

After writing 5 books, thousands of emails, letters and programs- I’m ready to share my ‘how to’ with you. I want to STOP YOUR PAIN of wasted time and money simply by using tools that most people use every day!

In this kindle short read, just under 30 pages, I’ll take you on a short journey to learn how to use free apps to record your spoken word into a written manuscript (speech to text) without having to get it transcribed by anyone else.

It’s a simple and cheap way even the least techie person can do it.

Note: To record your book, it’s cost you is $0. This is a complete program of how to write anything – for nothing more than the cost of the Kindle book.

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