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Pay it forward

Free Grief Sessions

January 4-31, 2020 & June 1-30, 2021

Psychic Help for the hurting

Grief is part of loss, and a necessary step of the healing process, but it was never meant to be all-consuming. Kym has deep empathy for those suffering this pain and wants to help. Twice a year, (January/June) as a way of paying forward some of the spiritual guidance she’s experienced, Kym will give away three 30 minute grief-sessions.

Anyone who wishes to register for the drawing may; there are no strings attached. While Kym can only gift three sessions at this time, the first 500 registrants will receive a digital copy of Kym’s book, “We Got It All Wrong: Death and Grief, Heaven and Hell, and Mental Illness.” You do not have to be a paying client of Kym’s, nor are you required to sign up for any services, newsletters, emails, or buy any of her books.

To register for the drawing, simply fill in the form to the right so we can send you your free digital book.  

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