When Ghosts Speak

I’m originally from Cleveland Ohio and This book is by a local Cleveland woman who is the original “ghost whisperer.” MaryAnn was the inspiration for the TV show with Jennifer Love-Hewitt, “The Ghost Whisperer” and she was also the consultant on the show. Another very famous medium James Van Prague actually developed this TV show after he met MaryAnn and saw the work that she did.

Mary Ann has the ability to talk to ghosts, she cannot see crossed-over spirits, but she can talk to ghosts while on the ghost level. This book is her actual experiences of dealing with different ghosts – so it’s a good ghost story book. I myself have never worked with MaryAnn herself, but I have worked with her daughter on a house that had ghosts. And at the time of our meeting I was not working with ghosts myself. I find it funny that I had no idea my future would lie in helping ghosts and writing books about my experiences.

Interesting read.

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