Hi, Kym here. Being a medium, spiritual and metaphysical experiences are my jam. It’s what I’m all about. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me in another city, Beverly was looking for a medium to talk with her deceased friend to reassure herself and find closure to her grief. The psychic Beverly knew about did not converse with the deceased but she highly recommended me, Kym, as an expert on connecting to dead people. Bev made an appointment. Not that I’m an expert on grief, but I, too, could connect to her on a personal issue for I have battled with grief on many levels. So I understood.

Working with Bev on grief and connecting her to her mentor opened up a boat load of new experiences in my training. I call it training because it never fails; I have the experience, I then feel compelled to find a way to convert my personal experience into a format so others can learn and help themselves. Then I have to find a way to get it out to as many people as I can, be it a friend, family member, client, or publish in a book or blog. I feel I’m a bit of an incubator of the lesson or experience. Then people are drawn to me to get the understanding in a specific way for them.

Back in 2009  when Bev and I started a client/service provider relationship, I had no idea this little old lady (she was 72 years old at the time) would take me on a wild adventure. The amazing experiences we shared was so interesting to us that over time we saw it could help others, too. Our partnership company: Soul Evolution Series was born.

We’re writing the first series, We Got It All Wrong. Book one was released in December 2016 and the second installment was published in October 2018.

I am also working on some single topic books based on the training we have been given. I’m choosing to write topic-focused books simply because the style in which we wrote our series was based on two criteria: (1) it is written in session date order, (2) the style of how the guides dripped information to us. The purpose of this dripping of information was to allow us to absorb the new concepts and to implement them in our lives. The second purpose was that we only included interactions that both Bev and I received together. This style of writing was to allow our readership to learn in the way we learned—over time.

These single topic books will be more succinct and populated with case studies of clients and students to further teach the topic in practical uses.

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