Kym McBride

Hi, I’m Kym. Professionally I’ve been many things: a greeting card company owner, photographer, bookkeeper, antique dealer, tea company owner, florist—a jack of all trades and master of none.

But all in all, I am a seeker, a seeker to find who I really am. And I had no idea that all of the above professions would lead me to my greatest job of all—a psychic/medium.

​I was never one to believe in any woo-woo things (I was a complete ‘Normie!’) I was just living my life blinded to all the ‘unseen’ things happening around me. I was living my normal life, with the normal life trials and tribulations … just your average woman.

Until things changed. I found myself in a situation where I took a class by a woman. I have no idea how it came about and I certainly didn’t know what the class was about (found out later the Universe guided me to it) and I found myself sitting in a class with 24 other people in Michigan, two days after the 9/11 attack in 2001.  We were stunned, wounded and terrified by the events of that week.

In that class, which turned out be taught by the Queen of Woo-Woo who was teaching “Intuition Development”. I ran smack dab into wacky and crazy stuff that blew my mind. Being a confirmed ‘control freak’ I was so out of my element with these people! I wanted to run, and I would have if I hadn’t driven out of state with the Woo-Woo Queen; I was STUCK.  (The Universe had me boxed in big time!)

By the end of the 3-day class, I was confused, amazed and hooked into finding out more about these crazy things that were talked about and demonstrated by the other 23 people in the room. I couldn’t do anything that these other people did so effortlessly … why couldn’t I do what they did?

Amazing things happened in that weekend, but I was not easily convinced. I had to experience it for myself. So the journey began. Through great-patience and love, my Guide, Timingo, brought me out of my ‘normie’ illusion and showed me things that could only come from a Divine Intelligence.

I’m still not the Queen of Woo-Woo, because I’m so darn practical!  If it doesn’t help me somehow in maneuvering in this ‘earth life’ I don’t have much patience for it.

I’m not gullible, or quick to jump on any bandwagon. I have a very healthy bit of skepticism. I question EVERYTHING, and I don’t believe what anybody tells me, I have to experience it myself.  If you’re like me … come on, let’s figure this out together.

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