Kym here. When I moved from a service provider to friend with Beverly, I was fortunate to meet through our mediumship sessions with her family. Her mother Eleanor and uncle Art are two of my favorites because they were both artists. I’m very attracted to artists (Bev is also a trained fine artist and former art teacher).

As a bonus, Beverly has been such a great curator of their individual work, that over 3 decades after their lives ended on this Earth plane, she still has their work in pristine shape. So when we were putting together book 1 companion workbook, our guides, Timingo and Samuel, suggested we add artwork so our readership could color while they meditated on the questions the book brings up. We naturally turned to the artwork of her family which is so lovingly stored in Beverly’s home.

I feel more deeply in love with her mom and uncle as we worked with their artwork. We loved using it in the companion workbook, but what about other groups of people who could be touched by these designs?

We decided we wanted to honor them in a few different ways by doing a few vanity projects to allow different groups of people to enjoy these artists’ work. We saw a need for writers to collect their miscellaneous writings in a well bound book, so we designed, Writers Coloring Journal; A handcrafted Visual Art Collection for Exploration of Colors and Written Words to be published October 2017.

For colorists, a second project: Inverted Coloring Book, is what I like to call my “love letters” book. Again, it’s a coloring book, with many pieces of artwork which were not used in any other of our books. It will contain little bits and pieces of stories or details about the lives of these two wonderful artists. We chose to write two separate books yet put together into one book, upside down from each other. I wrote my book like “love letters” to Uncle Art and his variety of art; Beverly wrote about her mother and her work.

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