In this next book in the series, we cover many advanced topics. Those topics are not that new, but seeing these topics from a new perspective is what we offer up. As in Book 1, we ask you to question your beliefs and see if they are still on point with who you are now. So many beliefs are handed down in families and we never take the time to review and discard them. Why not?

Book 2 in the We Got It All Wrong series picks up where we left off, crossing paths with an interesting array of visitors. Kym continues to develop her ghostly interviewing skills while crossing over another large group of insightful ghosts who tell us how they spent their time and what they learned being invisible members of society. You’ll get to meet three orphan girls, a civic-minded atheist brother and sister team, and two sisters learning about family love while living with an Indian tribe.

Meanwhile, Beverly kept in touch with her mother Eleanor for more information on the purpose of warriors. Her uncle Arthur continues living large staying connected to artists on the Earth level.

Drum roll, please!  At last, Beverly meets her spirit guide (a really neat guy) after much frustration for both of them.

Book 2 is now available on Amazon.

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