We Got It All Wrong: Book 2

Coming out of Book One in the series, Beverly has gotten a better handle on her new abilities after her spontaneous awakening as a Dimensional Psychic. The onslaught of hateful trickster voices berating her has subsided somewhat and she’s getting parts of her life back. Her intense grief for her friend Hal has also abated, especially since they are now having a back and forth relationship while he’s in spirit.The anxiety and stress seems to have calmed down but the education is accelerating. Luckily, Beverly is not alone on this journey. Kym McBride, a medium is at her side.Shifting from a very personal journey of Beverly’s struggle in Book One, Book Two delves deeper into topics that impact the journey of many people, whether they are interested in metaphysics or not. (If you think death is all chocolate bon-bons, clouds and harps, you will be greatly disappointed! ) The spirit teachers tackle the misguided view of prayer and its power, and they trample on societies current views about the death of children which readers might see as controversial. Once again, the spirit guides challenge us to examine our old beliefs and see what we got wrong.

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