MAP book cover

This is a powerful book for healing. I have used it for many, many years in many different ways. Again this is a book that is a staple on my bookshelf. I have told many people about this book and they have purchased this book. But this is for a person that wants to get more into the healing aspect for themselves, their family, and even may be professionally. It’s a great book.

Having said that Michelle small right has written multiple books and she has gone into more depth of as to where she gets her information.

She talked about her own very interesting life in another book called behaving as if the God in all life mattered; a new age ecology. That book lead you down a road of the struggle that she had in her life but also how she came to know and work with nature. which is where she learned about the cocreative white brotherhood. Which is the math book.

She then takes this very twisty interesting life journey or path and wrote another book that is not for the skeptic.

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