A Tribute to Beverly Hafemeister

25 March 1935 —
24 March 2020

Co-author Beverly Hafemeister, a spiritual  seeker all her life, began as a traditional Protestant. With her early discovery of the Edgar Cayce literature, she thrived.  Beverly began to view her life as a spiritual journey.


Her physical work can be divided into a three-act play:

Act 1: The Teacher.  After graduating with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison art department, she taught fine art principles while encouraging individual creativity.

Act 2: The Historic Drapery Re-creator. After extensive research into period draping styles and deciphering old authentic principles used in pattern making, for over 30 years Beverly was commissioned nationwide to re-create appropriate textile treatments for various house museums and for private historic homes.

Act 3: As the co-author of the Soul Evolution: the Invisible Structure series, Beverly branched out even further. She devoted her last years as an author to recording her evolving understanding of this world and how it relates to other spiritual planes.

She was a tender soul who will be missed by all of us who loved and worked with her.

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  1. frazer

    I worked with Bev as her editor for the last four years. She was a fine lady and a pleasure to work with. She was a brave soul who wasn’t afraid to share her struggles with the world. I hope her friends will read her books and share her stories.

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