Grief Relief Workbook

Your grieving is based on your beliefs, and those beliefs are revealed in the questions you ask.

  • Where is my loved one? [based on your belief of Heaven or Hell]
  • Will I ever see them again? [based on your belief of what death is]
  • Will they be punished for their choices? [based on your belief in a judgmental God]
  • Will they languish in their addictions or mental illness? [based on your belief that they did not have Free Will, nor do they currently have it]
  • Why couldn’t they be cured? What did they do wrong? [based on your belief that God or someone made that decision]

In this book we take you down a road to uncover what you think about; death, heaven, hell, and even God.

This is NOT a How to book, it is a tool to allow you to uncover your long-held beliefs about the 5 topics that we use as our foundation to determine how we handle life experiences; Heaven and hell (good and bad), death, grief, and mental illness. We take your hand and offer you questions to help you pull back the curtain of your own inner workings.

Are you in a Support Group and looking for additional content for your group?

We are looking for SUPPORT GROUPS to be Alpha & Beta Testers on this book project. We invite groups or organizations that have 4 or more members, dealing with issues such as: adult loss & bereavement, miscarriages, bereavement of children, etc. We request that these groups use this book for individual work and with group discussions so that we receive input and feedback.

For information about alpha and beta testers, click here.


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