Books in The Soul Evolution Series

We Got It All Wrong: Book 1

Book 1 in We Got It All Wrong series deals with the journey of two women. One, is a client overwhelmed by grief and another is a professional psychic/medium. Both are taken on an adventure of working with spirit guides, with crossed-over family members, and with ghosts. All are focused on a mission. Book 1 spans about 5 years. More …

We Got It All Wrong: Companion Workbook

[Reading We Got It All Wrong, Book One is not required to get value from this workbook.] We offer a space to write your understandings about the 5 topics discussed in first book in the series. This book is also a stand alone book that investigates your views of death, grief, heaven, hell and mental illness. More 

Writer’s Coloring Journal

A large, thick book welcomes all writers.  You’ll have plenty of space to pen your thoughts, stories, and poems. Intermittent Illustrations can be colored to keep both sides of your brain engaged for a better flow of your work. More …


We Got It All Wrong: Book 2

The second book in We Got It All Wrong series. The continuation of Beverly’s journey through her psychic awakening. This book continues to describes the lovingly organized yet complex understandings about the invisible structure of how souls evolve through the visits between the Earth plane and the other side. The series picks up where it left off in Book one and sorts out some of the puzzles we want to understand for ourselves.. More …


Grief Relief Workbook

Your beliefs are causing your severe long-term grief. This is not a how-to book. It’s a tool to uncover your foundational beliefs through which you filter your emotions. Your behaviors are propelled by these emotions. Sort through what buttons are pushing you. More …


We Got It All Wrong: Book 3

Book 3 will hit the stands in 2020.


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