Thirty Years Among The Dead

This book is a very old book, but it is still in print by many publishers. This book was written by a husband and wife team in 1924; the wife was the medium and the husband was the interviewer and transcriber of events with ghosts. I don’t necessarily agree with how they dealt with a lot of the issues that the ghosts were having; it was a different time and a different belief system. If you take that into account, it’s a very useful book but a long read.

I find it interesting that different authors have not rewritten the book, but reorganized it over the years. They also have inserted their own opinion in different places here and there. This book isn’t cheap but maybe you can find some used copies. The relationship in the book between the wife and the husband reminds me of the relationship between Esther and Jerry Hicks in which Esther goes into trance and then channels Abraham, a high level entity while Jerry interviews him. If you haven’t checked out their content, I would highly recommend it.

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