The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing

I think I had been given this book by a friend in the metaphysical field, or at least told about it and had to hunt this down. This is a old book. It’s a very simple read and once you read about the stories attached to the exercises of how this person went about and healed themselves, you pretty much catch on and learn the ways you can heal yourself. This book has very simple and practical exercises to do to take control of your own life struggles. For instance you can heal alcoholism, emotional mental issues, and physical issues.

This book helped my co-author Beverly Hafemeister. She struggled with heart issues all of her life from rheumatic fever as a child and we would work on her heart to get it to function better and to allow her to breathe better. What I ended up doing was reading the script that’s what they have in here things that you repeat in order to get results that you want. I would record the Scripps and audio recorder and then she would just listen to them and do the meditation that went with the Scripps.

I feel that this book does give a benefit that a lot of other books don’t. It gives control to the person who is ill. You’re not doing it for them, yes you can help them with this, but they are doing this for themselves. And I think that any book that gives the power to the people is a powerful book in itself.

This is also a book I have purchased multiple copies over the years and have given to people. You can only find it used, but it’s a great book to have if you are a hands-on person who likes to take control of your own life and heal yourself.

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