In our book, We Got It All Wrong: we conversed with many spirits on different levels of transition. In one session, we worked with Hal, a crossed over spirit who is currently working on the other side with at-risk-youths and is also a dear old friend of Beverly’s. When Hal was alive, he was a physics teacher turned minister, which I didn’t know at the time of the session. Later, when told of his profession, I looked up the definition of physics for greater understanding of this eclectic gentlemen.

Here’s what I found from Wikipedia:

“Physics: The natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves.”

For me, knowing Hal was trained in this area of expertise gave richer understanding to what he explained that day.

In the session, Beverly asked Hal if he had seen or knew about a DVD called The Living Matrix which covered topics on energy. He said a lot of the information was very accurate and he was surprised that people on the earth were able to receive and understand these concepts. He had been under the impression our species was not going to be advanced enough by the year 2010 to begin to understand the new ideas. (This conversation took place in 2010).

Here’s a short excerpt from our book: We Got It All Wrong; death and grief, heaven and hell and mental illness.

“Hal: Humans weren’t supposed to get some of these concepts yet for a while. However, they’re coming into existence because people are getting to the level of enlightenment where they can take the information in and regurgitate it out into concepts laypeople can understand. It looks like chaos is going on, but it’s not. The earth has been pulled quickly into a higher vibration. It appears everything is falling apart, but really it’s dislodging un-needed crap.

Kym: (To Beverly) Hal’s showing me a visual picture of the car from the movie, Back to the Future. As it goes through space the car loses pieces and parts which were excess weight. In the end the car is functionally sleek and streamlined.”

I am a complete layperson here about physics but I can grasp what he says that we are moving quicker than expected. But more times than not I am disheartened, I feel our evolution seems to be at a standstill in our society on so many issues; such as prejudice between the races, inequality of pay between men and women, our limits on education for all, etc.

But on the other hand, I’m getting a glimpse and a glimmer of hope that we as a society are transiting to higher and deeper concepts which will elevate us as individual souls and us as the collective soul, as Source. That hope comes from witnessing the changes that are currently in the news; the overwhelming acceptance of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, the approval and implementation to have health care for all (even if it still is a bit messy)  and the recently passed U.S. law for gay citizens’ right to marry.

I see Hal speaks of a vibrational transition of earth and the souls here through enlightenment, but I’m a practical girl who always asks, “Ok, that’s fine and dandy, but how can I take this information and use it in my everyday life?”

I have decided to do my part on evolution and develop this enlightenment concept into practical steps to help my clients (and myself, of course!)

The first step to what I will be calling: Steps to Enlightenment is  “Awareness: of Self” and includes dropping old behaviors that limit us. I see holding onto past hurts, slights, and making up stories about the behaviors of others is just adding to the baggage we all seem to carry around with us.

I want to bring to light things we perceive as against us are really experiences that are put in our path to expand us, if we can stop our behavior of stuffing of them into our bags never to be explored.

I choose to find practical ways to release the baggage rather than add to it.

I have been doing mentoring work since the time of this session with Hal, I see the impact it has had on me (I do walk my talk) and effect on my clients. I see it is possible for us to become “functionally sleek and streamlined.” We can become part of the solution to moving our society and species to higher levels of enlightenment by being emotionally healthy and mentally stronger people! It all starts by focusing on our own enlightenment, which I will be addressing in depth in future posts.  It really IS all about us!

In the comments below, let us know how you feel you are doing in evolving your own soul.

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