One of the perks of being an art teacher was belonging to the local Teachers’ Credit Union. As an efficient, well-run organization it was loved by my fellow teachers because it gave a good return on our savings. When the time came to buy a car or pay for surgery, I knew I could take out a loan without a hassle.

The credit union carefully kept the outflow of money in balance with the inflow. All the mechanics of making it happen never seriously crossed my mind; I just knew smart people were running the daily operations.

Well, I got to thinking about what a nice system it was to have a place for people in abundance to place their assets while simultaneously folks in need had a place to help them when in a pinch. Nice win-win system for people.

One day our guides suggested there’s a Prayer Energy Bank with the same concept as my Teachers’ Credit Union. Visualize this metaphorical bank as if it was a huge, fluffy cumulus cloud in the blue sky. We earthlings deposit our sincere prayer energy of thanksgiving and appreciation upwards into the Prayer Energy Bank.

Together, if we pool our abundant energetic deposits of gratitude into this bank in the sky, we keep the energetic give-and-take balance in alignment.

The bank in its wisdom knows how to use this collective energy in the cloud because at the same time prayers are being deposited into the bank, prayers for assistance are being requested. This new energy can fall downwards like a refreshing rain upon those in need.

May I quote our guides from our book, We Got It All Wrong? “Prayer is giving celebration, giving a part of yourself, your earnest desire to give back…Join others by adding to the protective energy of prayer. Earnest, positive prayers over the generations are deposited into the consciousness. These prayers go up. Then the prayer energy is available to flow back down to help souls in need.  Think of a bank: you deposit; you withdraw.”

As for myself, I’m always quick to ask for loving energy to meet my urgent needs. But, do I remember to deposit my prayer energy for me and for others to borrow at a later time? Sometimes I forget.

Now that I’ve heard the spirit guides’ description,  I have a better grasp of this energy exchange and the practical need for prayer. Gone are any lurking thoughts of an egoic God needing a morale boost. Needed instead is my positive energy to be put to constructive use. Picturing this invisible structure has completely changed my thinking about prayer!

I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered your prayer energy actually becoming part of a collective to be sent directly to help others? Would you like to share your thoughts?

Our prayers are needed to keep the coffers full in this metaphorical big bank in the sky. The Prayer Energy Bank is awaiting your deposit!



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